Intercessory Prayer Requests

1 Timothy 2:1

  1. I exhort therefore, that, first of all, supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks, be made for all men;


If you have need for prayer and would like us to intercede for you to receive an answer from the Lord, please feel free to let us know. Your request will be kept personal.  Submit your request by using the form below.  We are very happy to pray for you! 

We believe in approaching God on the basis of His Word, because it’s only in the Word of God that we find His will and His promises that will bring faith for the answers. That being the case, we do not try to pray for things called “unspoken requests.” The reason, of course, is that faith comes only from God’s Word, and if we do not know what the prayer request is, then we cannot find the place in God’s Word that tells us the thing requested is His will. Nor can we find the promises or covenant truths that will create the faith to believe for the answers. 

 When you send your requests, please tell us specifically what it is you want God to do for you. You do not have to know the name of the disease or the affliction from which you need deliverance/healing. And you do not have to give us the names of loved ones if the prayer is for them. But you do need to be clear about the fact that it is a healing need, a salvation need, a relationship problem, or some other specific need in your life, so that we can go to God’s Word, find what He says, and then go before Him to make the request with a promise already in our hands.

We will not reveal any information or requests.

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